Run a Google search for real estate for sale and the first page of results will likely include pages from Zillow, Trulia and While these sites can be great as preliminary tools that explain how the market is doing in general. We at Remington Properties want you to know, they are generally NOT accurate. Before you decide to base your list price on one of these valuations, here are a few things you should know.

  1. They don’t know anything about your home like updates/upgrades, a new roof, a new furnace, counter tops, flooring.
  2. They don’t know much about your neighborhood like amenities, features, crime, neighbors, retail.
  3. They can’t inspect the home for its condition.
  4. They don’t provide their formula so there’s no way to tell if they’re comparing oranges to oranges or apples to anthills.
  5. They don’t consider improvements to your neighbors home

These are just a few reasons why we recommend caution when reading Zestimates or other real estate sites that estimate the value of your home. They may give a very broad and general estimate but these numbers should never be used in final decision making efforts.

If you’re ready to sell your Albuquerque home, contact Remington Propertiestoday. Our professional listing brokers are trained to look at every detail before suggesting a list price for your home. Our goal is top dollar in the shortest amount of time.