Mark and Lu Kantz

Mark and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for you for your help in finding us our dream home. We are still pinching ourselves over owning such an extraordinary house and property. We couldn’t be happier with our new private paradise.

You have so many qualities that set you apart from the real estate competition. We are especially impressed with your exemplary ethical standards, extensive professional knowledge, and endless enthusiasm. These rare qualities combine to make you the only Realtor that we would recommend to our friends and family.

As in every professional business there are people that have lowered their ethical standards to get ahead of their competition. We all have our share of stories that taint all professionals with the stigma of those disreputable few. You, however, are a fresh breath of air in your industry. Your ethics are outstanding, treating all parties that you work with the same respect that you would want for yourself.

Your extensive professional knowledge has never left Mark and me questioning any detail of our real estate transactions. You are attentive to our needs and questions and quick to research any information that we have requested. Effective communication is one of your top skills in keeping your customers in touch with the latest information.

Mark and I are especially appreciative of your enthusiasm. Without this quality we would have given up looking for our dream home. You are faultlessly persistent in finding that “needle in the haystack.” Without you we would have settled for a less than perfect home. With you we found our dream.