Dobbin Family

O.K., I know what you are thinking. How can a realtor especially with so many around and available get all “5 Stars” in their rating. Well, we believe that when praise is deserved, praise should be given. Being from out of state and surfing the web, my wife found the Remingtons online and made contact with them and the experience was the most wonderful real estate experience we have had in many years and for many home purchases. We came to N.M. to look and see what and where we wished to purchase our retirement home. We were courteously and patiently shown many properties on more than one trip from out of state. Never did we feel any pressure to purchase to appease the realtors and/or their potential commission. We always felt that Sean and Christine where there for our needs and happiness in the outcome of our purchase. When we did purchase, there were many times we were still out of state and they handled details for us in our absence. Following our purchase and close of escrow the Remingtons continued to help us learn about the area, acquire much needed furnishings to start our home, help lift a piece of furniture or two and then ironically became our neighbors as they live very close to our new home. Should anyone be thinking about purchasing a home in their areas of expertise, please do contact them and be ready for the “BEST” experience in real estate of your life! The entire process was truly connected and driven by the love and power of our faith and being guided by a much higher power in the connection. If you want someone on your “team” who truly knows what they are doing in real estate whether purchasing or selling, please contact Sean or Christine Remington for their services. Should you not do so, you are doing your self a serious disservice.