Clark Krause

My family (wife, 2 and 5 year old) and I relocated to Albuquerque for a career opportunity. I had no past experience in the Albuquerque metro area and hit the ground without any knowledge of the real estate market, school systems, traffic patterns, shopping malls or local culture. Sean Remington was a critical component in our family successfully choosing the right neighborhood, schools, reasonable commute and home within our budget. We were on a tight timeline to get all of the home buying / selling transactions handled. He not only helped us buy a New Mexico home, but made sure that the quick sale of our out-of-state house, moving and move-in went smoothly on all fronts. Our window of time was measured in hours and any kinks would have been tough on the family, but Sean made sure the timing of the move was seamless.

Sean is always professional, reliable, thorough, low pressure and enthusiastic. I have been very pleased to find out that he practices with complete integrity in all his real estate and life dealings. He represents the true picture of the New Mexico home buying market, gives honest opinions when asked and practices the good old fashioned service of truth, full disclosure and patience.

I was always confident that he was working objectively and aggressively to position the best deal for us. He asked a lot of questions to make sure he was leading us in the right direction and always gave us a clear description of what he thought the pluses and minuses of a property were.

One of the greatest rewards of doing business with Sean has been the ongoing business and personal relationship that has grown out of our business transactions. If I need an opinion on where to go for a certain service in our new community, Sean is always there to assist us in finding a solution. If I had to rate his knowledge, attitude and integrity it would easily be a 10 out of 10.

You will not find a better realtor, or gentleman in the business world.