Carlos and Rebecca Colon

Buying your first home can be a terrifying process. It certainly was for my wife and I. We were recently blessed with an inheritance and after a decade of renting, decided that the best way to invest it was on the purchase of a home. We spent weeks doing everything that conscientious buyers should do ­ we read real estate books, explored neighborhoods, learned about financing. When we were ready to select a realtor, we chose one with many years of experience. We did not like his personality much but he assured us that his
expertise in real estate contracts was essential in protecting the value of our inheritance.

Once our offer on a house was accepted, our realtor suddenly showed his true colors. He became mean spirited and rude, wouldn¹t return our phone calls, and advised us, among other things, not to attend the home¹s inspection because ‘we might kill the deal.’ Finding ourselves without proper representation and lost in a process that we did not fully understand, we stayed up many nights afraid of loosing the hard-earned money that our grandparents had entrusted to us.

In desperation, we contacted Sean and Christine Remington. We had met them a few weeks prior as neighbors and were incredibly impressed by their charm and professionalism. Without a thought to the fact that we were already in a binding contract with another realtor, and that he had nothing to gain, Sean immediately spent a couple of hours on the phone with us addressing all of our concerns. He not only insisted that we attend the home inspection but also recommended that we hire our own inspector ­ one of the best decisions that we have ever made. From that moment on, Sean was a model of what an excellent real estate professional should be ­ courteous, intelligent, responsive and, truly a pleasure to work with, all done with good humor and the grace of a gentleman.

When we were approaching our closing day, our realtor assured us that everything had been taken care of and there was nothing to worry about. Actually, as a final letdown, he forgot to request a home warranty until closing day. Thanks to the Remingtons, we were still able to maneuver comfortably through the closing process with knowledge and confidence, and were successful in buying a great home at a fair price. Sean and Christine called soon after we moved to check on us and to congratulate us. We have not heard from our realtor since the final handshake.

We highly recommend Sean and Christine Remington to anyone interested in buying a home. Their high levels of professionalism, enthusiasm, and integrity combined with their expertise in the latest developments of the real estate market make them an excellent choice. We didn¹t just gain a home, we gained a great friendship.