Aaron and Laura Urquieta

After my husband and I decided to move out of state, we realized we had chosen a bad time in real estate to sell our home. Late one Friday evening we went online in search of a realtor, there we found Sean Remington. We called him and set up an appointment for the next morning. When he arrived the next day we were impressed with the amount of knowledge and information he had on the homes in our area. Once we began the process of putting our house on the market Sean assured us we were not alone and assisted us with every aspect. First came the pricing of our home, which was critical, then came the staging of the exterior and interior. For this step Sean hired a professional stager that met with us on more than one occasion and gave us a personalized booklet of photographs of changes we needed to make in order to maximize our space and attract buyers. Once our home had been staged, it was professionally measured down to the last inch. This process was done to ensure that the property was indeed the size we were advertising. After these steps were finalized Sean sent two highly experienced photographers, one to take clear and vivid still pictures of our home inside, outside and even views of our street! The other photographer took pictures for the virtual tour, both which were for the online marketing of our home. Sean encouraged us to suggest any and all ideas when it came to the marketing of our home. Although our home was not a luxury home, Sean’s dedication to us was phenomenal.

When we purchase our new home Sean has offered to help us although we will be across state lines. Sean brings an old fashioned customer service approach and blends it today’s internet savvy world. We learned so much about buying and selling a home with the help of Sean and his wonderful staff at Keller Williams’s Realty.

Had we not met Sean I can assure you our home wouldn’t have sold as quickly as it did! He left no stone unturned – Thank you Sean!!